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Location: Ritoque, Chile
Architect/Designer: ARKE
Architect of Record: Joaquin E. Boldrini
Design Team: Katherine L. Moya, Joaquin E. Boldrini
Structural Engineer: Sebastian A. Boldrini

This custom-designed residential unit located on a hill in Ritoque, Chile has partially covered views of the ocean in a small lot of 405 m2.

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The design recognizes the existence of a front and back reality produced by the view. By having the views as a must-have elements for all major rooms, all service areas as bathrooms, kitchen and circulation are placed on the rear of the lot.

An extensive terrace is designed towards the ocean with a major frame providing partial covering for the extension of the living room and dining areas.

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A roof deck is proposed to have the oportunity of a more clear view which is accessed through an exterior stair on the rear. The main door is also located to the back and it is preceded by a roofed deck and a ramp to the ground.

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The house is structured over stilts, a common solution on the region to lift the horizontal plane toward the ocean and generate parking opportunities underneath, which maximizes the use of these small lots.

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