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Location: Ritoque, Chile.
Architect/Designer: ARKE
Architect of Record: Joaquin E. Boldrini
Design Team: Joaquin E. Boldrini
Structural Engineer: Sebastian A. Boldrini
Year: 2013

Ritoque is a single-family beach house which required an addition to respond to the new owner needs. The original house was a 80 sm. log house and a new living room, dinning room and kitchen area with an open concept was added in addition to a second floor suite which in total added 120 sm to the existing house.

Ritoque Exterior image
ritoque image

The use of wood logs in the existing house drove the design in the search for material options that would allow us to give unity to the project, we finally came up with a half log cladding for the exterior which was integral to our design, while in the interior we used wood finishes to maintain the preceding warmth of the interior spaces.

The house addition incorporates a steel frame structure which was cladded in the interiors with pine wood which is continuous in all surfaces creating a uniform look. Most windows and doors for the added portion of the house are recycled and where acquired by the owners in demolition stores which constrained the design but also provided a look that helped to unify the proposed addition with the existing structure.